Thursday, April 26, 2012

Video of the Week: Copyright

Ah, copyright. Another one of those things government just doesn't seem to have thought through too well, despite the incredible impact it has upon society and culture.

This video explains the original intentions of copyright, and how that has been perverted by greedy corporations (those guys seem to be behind everything bad, don't they?).

On a side note, I am afraid these video posts may be the only thing I get done on this blog for the next few weeks. I am frantically trying to get my novel written and my other courses finished by June. So, there will be a bit of a slowdown here until then. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Video of the Week: What They Don't Teach You in College

This week's  video shall be on the topic of college, another thing which has occupied much of my thoughts over the past few years. College is  one of the biggest businesses in America, and it is no secret that there are many flaws with the way it is used these days.

I love the way this guy describes it. I suggest you watch his other videos as well; this man is amazing. Prepare yourself for randomness.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Video of the Week: I Hate Pennies

 I was going to do a long essay on the evil nature of pennies (and other coins) this week. However, it happens that the magnificent John Green (who is also perhaps my favorite modern author) has already made a video concerning this; I doubt I could say it much better than him. In fact, I have decided to feature an educational/funny video every Thursday to propagate general awesome in the world. 

 This was actually the first video I ever saw of John Green's--and it introduced me to the wondrous world of Nerdfighteria.

A note though. As of this post, pennies require 2.1 pennies to produce--0.4 cents more than what they cost when this video was made.

If your name happens to be Penny, I apologize. You are probably not evil. I would suggest you immediately change your name, however.

Monday, April 9, 2012

When to Quit?

It is said that the what separates the winners from the losers is the fact that the winners don't quit. This is obviously an idiotically simplistic thing to say. Just look at all the imbeciles on TV who sell themselves trying to get into the public eye who just won't give it a break. Those people should have quit a long time ago to spare themselves the shame.

And we also have those old athletes and competitive performers who stick around way too long in their respective crafts who seem to have never heard the phrase "quit while you're ahead". They just tax themselves (and everyone watching them) trying to compete with the more virile succeeding generation.

Nobody wants to be like those American Idol performers who can't sing but think they can. Or like the Republican presidential candidates who think they actually have a chance of being elected when a black guy is running against them. They only embarrass themselves. So the question is not if you should quit as much as it is when you should quit.

Here are a few bits of information I have discovered concerning quitting.