Monday, February 11, 2013

Resources for Novelists and Writers

Here is a consolidated list of some of the major websites that have helped me personally in my writing. I will likely add to this list as time goes on, or perhaps create another post in the future with similar resources. Be sure to comment if there is something you would like to see me include.  


Edit Torrent

Excellent content concerning the craft of writing, especially focusing on grammar and style, as well as plot and originality. It represents a tremendous amount of effort and from two well-spoken novel editors. Frequently updated.

 Go Teen Writers

A writing blog with excellent guest contributors in addition to the primary writer, whom I have encountered personally. Targeted at teens, but excellent for any noobs in the field of writing, especially if you're having trouble getting started or "just writing".

 Evil Editor

Yet another editor's blog. Except this one is evil. And frighteningly honest. The author criticizes and comments on submissions. Individuals of poor courage should not participate.  

Pub Rants

Let's break the trend of editor's blogs with... an agent's blog, HUZZAH! This blog is more focused towards the state of the industry.

Warrior Writers (Kristen Lamb's blog)

The personal/professional blog of an author who has done all the stuffs, failed at it, and ultimately succeeded. She covers writing mostly, but also bits of her own life as well as philosophical points. She offers professional quality editing for free if you win one of her frequent drawings. 


A blog of a brilliantly witty writer who has done traditional as well as self-publishing and a buttload of other neat things. He has opinions on them, and he expresses them here. Amusing and informative, but sensitive individuals should be aware that he uses language freely and frequently.

Other websites

TV Tropes

This website has shaped my writing more than perhaps any of the others. TV Tropes deals with the "tropes" commonly found in all stories--TV, video games, real life, classic and modern literature, and even professional wrestling.

A writer who frequently reads this website should have no shortage of interesting ideas for plots, characters, settings, etc. 

The Book Designer

Every author must consider the design of his or her book. This website is especially critical for those looking to self-publish. I have found the articles especially helpful.

Writer's Digest

The "ultimate official" website for those who write. Craft, industry, marketing--there's little it doesn't touch. It is almost too much information; one can get lost for days in the tremendous wealth of knowledge here. 

 Grammar Girl

The website of girl with a remarkable comprehension of the English language. Odds are any of your technical questions regarding sentence structure and which word to use have been asked and answered here. She works from US standards, but notes where there are differences between systems. Quite comprehensive.

Good Reads 

The book-lover's website. Essential if you want to find good works to inspire you, or perhaps promote your own if it's good enough. Many well-known authors participate in the functions here. 

Freelance Writing Gigs

If you're looking to get into some professional writing fields that won't bind you, I would recommend starting here. Some good opportunities to build up your reputation. 

If you want more

SWFA Resource page

Targeted for Scifi/Fantasy writers, but any fiction writer could benefit from this.

Suite 101: Writer's Resources

Many, many links. Those with little time should not click. 

75 Books Every Writer Should Read

Read them if you can. Those of these that I have read I have not regretted reading.

Well, there you go. Be sure to tell me if you find any of these in particular useful.

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